Cloud Transformation

Soluxctions is a leading cloud transformation and migration service  provider in pune. We support organizations to migrate from their legacy systems through cloud transformation utilizing on-demand public, private and hybrid cloud platforms that help in enhancing internal business processes while optimizing costs.

Migration of Your Applications to the Cloud

Cloud Migration enables business organizations to migrate critical applications to the cloud, run them on scalable and elastic infrastructure. You can experience high performance, faster time to market, agility, automation and much more. On top of that, it can help your organization in terms of cost reduction, security benefits and compliance with regulations like GDPR. The digital transformation journey however is not easy as it is fraught with complex technologies, tools and frameworks. It’s important to avail expert services from skilled professionals who understand your business requirements deeply and let you seamlessly implement a cloud strategy.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is an automated service that helps you lay out a migration strategy, perform cuts and changes and execute them. You will know how your data can be moved between cloud service providers, use the Cloud Migration workflow to initiate your migration and walk through the steps of migrating data between two cloud services using the integrated workflow engine.

Cloud Implementation Is The Key To Digital Transformation

Cloud implementation is a new era of technology. It drives digital transformation by putting businesses on growth path and make future proof for the organizations. With technologies like cloud IaaS, Paas, DevOps, IoT, RPA etc emerging on daily basis, it becomes necessary to partner with experts who can serve entire cloud spectrum including all these technologies .

Cloud Security Services

Solutions offers end-to-end cloud security assessments, secure operations services, secure data migration and management services, API security and management services to help you take advantage of the productivity benefits of moving to the cloud securely.

Cloud Data and Analytics

Modernize your data platform by migrating to cloud and build cloud native EDW, data lakes, and analytical platforms to deliver actionable insights. Cloud Data and Analytics enables you to embrace fast- evolving technology trends and take advantage of higher compute power, elasticity, and automation.

Managed cloud services

Our managed cloud services provide end-to-end support for your application’s infrastructure. Built for large and distributed organizations, we provide real-time monitoring and efficient load balancing, designed to lower risk and keep your applications running.

Business Benefits

Improve Business Sharpness

Our data enabled solutions with cognitive technologies like AI, ML cloud services help enterprises to capitalize on the opportunities of a changing business landscape. Our approach has enabled business problem solving and growth from a strategic point of view thus facilitating a competitive advantage.

Scalable Architecture

Our scalable architecture has a strategic focus on minimizing service disruption by minimizing the complexity and number of components. The architecture design is created with fault-tolerant principles in mind to ensure that system continues functioning even when components fail.

Effective Decision Making

Our Sharpened Vision service helps you to make faster decisions, reduce operational risk and costs, enhance your ability to predict outcomes and improve your reputation as an expert in your field.

Cloud Solutions

We partner with the industry’s leading cloud providers and other industry SaaS, XaaS, and PaaS leaders to jointly create solutions and help our clients maximize the opportunities that the cloud offers. We provide cloud security services that include site assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, network vulnerability scans, application vulnerability scans, and cloud monitoring.

Working with Soluxctions and AWS

Soluctions and AWS are working together to help our clients navigate the journey to the cloud. Together, we combine deep industry, business and technology skills as well as years of experience to deliver an integrated approach that is tailored to your needs and helps accelerate your company’s path to the cloud.

Working with Soluxctions and AWS

Soluctions is a Microsoft global partner that helps our clients drive business transformation through technology. With the power of Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, we are able to unlock and use data to enable business transformation and solve our client’s most important problems.

How Soluctions is Solving Business Problems With Google Cloud

Soluctions is a Google Cloud partner and we are helping clients around the world transform their businesses with the power of Google Cloud, including Google Big Query, Google Cloud Dataflow, and other technologies. Soluctions provides strategy, implementation, support and ongoing management services for customers who want to work faster and smarter with AI.